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Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!

In case we haven't met, I'm Shelby. I'm the founder of Farminence, and the host for the annual Backyard Vegetable Gardener's Summit and the Homestead Livestock Summit. Before I started Farminence, I spent 5 years teaching high school and college agriculture classes (shout out to all of the hardworking FFA teachers out there!). I also have a B.S. in Animal and Dairy Science and a M.S. in Agriculture.

I've been gardening and growing my own food for over 20 years. I'm a firm believer that nothing tastes better than a home-grown tomato!

My dream for this 3-day, focused event is for you to utilize the space that you have and turn it into a haven for you to grow your own food and become more self-sufficient. I can't wait to see what all you take away from this summit!

But, enough about me. Let's meet your amazing speakers!

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Meet the Speakers

Carrie Spoonemore

Seed Starting Tips and Tricks

Carrie Spoonemore lives in Oklahoma City with her husband and 4 (soon to be 5!) kids. She started growing food with her husband in 2015 for their family of 6. They quickly fell in love with it and the lifestyle associated! They created the free app From Seed to Spoon to help others grow their own food easily from their own backyard. Their free app helps walk people through growing over 100 fruits, vegetables, and herbs all the way from seed to spoon.

Carrie currently makes the educational content for From Seed to Spoon and you will find her frequently in their YouTube videos demonstrating gardening techniques from their 5 acre homestead.

Diana Bouchard

Square Foot Gardening

She’s here to help you plant the top 5 easy-to-grow vegetables in a square foot garden this year using succession planting for higher yields in less space. Her goal is to help more vegetable gardeners plant and preserve vegetables for their pantry next fall. Listen in, and grab her templates to get started now. 

Kathryn Robles

Indoor Container Gardening For Food and Fun

Kathryn started homesteading on her family's 10th acre lot in Portland, Oregon. She has experience raising chickens, goats, and rabbits, and gardening in a small space. Even though she has a black thumb, she is currently improving her family’s urban homestead in San Antonio, Texas with the goal of creating a permaculture food forest.

Tracy Lynn

Easier on You Gardening Options

Tracy Lynn is the founder of Simple Living Country Gal where she strives to bring back those timeless tips for simple living. Whether that be with a 10-acre hobby farm or an herb garden on your back porch. Location no longer matters as you can now homestead no matter where you live. Today the gardening rules have been thrown out the window and that is truly exciting because anyone anywhere can now learn to live a bit more simply.

Liz Beavis

Boost your Vegetable Garden Productivity with Compost Worms

Liz lives on a small farm in Kumbia, Australia, with her husband, Pete, and their dogs Taz, Gus, and Max. In 2010 she started a blog for sharing all the things they made and grew on the farm. They keep a small herd of beef cattle and a few dairy cows, lots of chickens, bees, a big vegetable garden and a food forest. Liz also makes and sells soap and beeswax products at local markets and online. Liz uses permaculture, organic and biodynamic practices to increase food production and decrease reliance on external resources. Her aim is to eventually grow all their food on the farm.

Chris Dalziel

Growing and Using Mint Family Plants in Your Permaculture Garden

Chris is the author of The Dehydrator Cookbook for Beginners (2022, Rockridge Press), The Beeswax Workshop (2017, Ulysses Press), and Homegrown Healing from Seed to Apothecary (2016, Joybilee Media). Chris believes in giving her readers a quick win, because each quick win builds confidence and empowers self-reliance. Chris and her husband live in the mountains of British Columbia with their three dogs, three cats, honeybees, hens, and a permaculture forest garden.

Anna Sakawsky

How to Grow a Bumper Crop of Tomatoes

Anna is the creator of the blog The House & Homestead, as well as the editor and publisher of Modern Homesteading Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to all things homesteading, sustainability, self-sufficiency and simple, seasonal living.

Steve and Emily Forbes

How to Plan Your Garden for Versatility in the Kitchen

They sell their produce and pasture-raised meats through a Community Supported Agriculture model where families purchase a membership share and receive a box of fresh produce every week throughout the growing season. They grow over 70 different crops ranging from root veggies and greens to classics like tomatoes and cucumbers. They host 4-course Farm to Table dinners where they highlight the delicious flavors using their farm-fresh ingredients. They love coming alongside people on their journey to growing and preparing fresh, healthy produce.

Mindy Young

Grow Your Dough - A Proven System to Start Generating Income From Your Garden

Mindy Young has been a Kansas Gardener for 37 years. She's grown vegetables just about everywhere: including the porch of her trailer in the middle of the city while in college. Playing in the dirt and growing plants is her jam.

Six years ago, Mindy left her job as an Extension Horticulture Educator in order to work the growing family farm and become a stay-at-home mom to her two kids. She had planned to garden for the family but ended up scaling a one-acre garden into a four-acre garden that began generating income within one season.

Since then, she's grown her market garden business while juggling kids, other businesses, and environmental factors every garden season faces. She's developed a system that works well with her busy schedule around work and raising animals and kids. There's no way you are going to want to miss out on learning this system that has taken her garden from a home garden to a 4-acre garden business that has been earning 5 figures every growing season.

Rebekah Pierce

10 Common Gardening Mistakes Most Beginners Make - and What to Do Instead!

Rebekah is a full-time writer and farmer on ~22 acres of land in upstate New York. She raises sheep, pigs, meat chickens, and laying hens and grows a variety of vegetables in her market garden. As a writer, she contributes regularly to publications in the gardening, farming, "homesteading," education, business, and finance niches.

When she's not busy working, she enjoys spending time with her 18-month-old son and husband. She also loves to cook, run, travel, and read.

Kristin Duke

5 Best Vegetable Plants for Beginners

Kristin and her husband, Justin, run MrAnimal Farm. Their love of animals has helped to grow their farm over the years. Their homestead goals have always been to live the ways they want while having the homestead pay for itself. They have been fortunate to achieve those goals plus some and now they love to pass along the way they have learned to others who also want to have a well-organized and profitable homestead.

Sara Ayres

Guarantee Garden Success with a "Garden Hero"

Sara is a busy mom with four kids and a hobby farm in Southwest Wisconsin. She has been gardening since she was little but didn't take it too seriously until she and her husband started their family about 10 years ago. Once she was "eating for two", what she ate suddenly became a lot more important.
After a lot of trial and error, Sara and her family now grow most of their produce in their family garden and raise their own eggs and meat. She is passionate about helping other families get started growing their own food at home. Her presentation at the summit will help participants get started with their own family garden, whether that's one pot on a sunny windowsill, or a huge backyard.

Sonia Hubly

Growing Healthy Kids While Getting Dirty in the Family Garden

Sonia is the founder and creator of the blog Mom, Wife, Homestead Life, where she creates content to help families become self-sufficient in simple and creative ways. On the family 14-acre homestead, you can find her raising livestock, growing and tending a large garden, and preserving as much healthy organic food as she can for her family.
Having grown up in the woods of Wisconsin, where she often gathered maple sap and cooked it down with her family, Sonia has held a passion for agriculture and gardening her entire life. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls with a degree in Agricultural Education and enjoyed an early career in education by holding the role as a middle and high school agriculture teacher. After starting a family, she left teaching to focus solely on homesteading and homeschooling and has loved every minute of it.
Sonia has long worn many hats, and that is how Mom, Wife, Homestead Life was born – to allow her to share her love of agriculture with everyone who wants to learn. When she isn’t homesteading, Sonia enjoys a delicious cup of coffee, quilting, an afternoon on the golf course, and spending time with her family, which includes three young sons!

Pat Galo

Turmeric and Ginger: A Healthy, Practical Addition to Your Home Garden

Pat Galo, RN, is a lifelong nutrition geek and founder of GrowHealth4u, where health is the goal and gardening is the tool. She believes that homegrown food and a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive medicine. With over 27 years of nursing experience, the goal of GrowHealth4u is to empower individuals to improve their own health by having access to fresh and nutrient-dense food, no matter their level of gardening experience or home size.

Pat grew up in El Salvador, obtained her nursing degree in Montreal, Canada, and specialized in Neurology. She later moved to the United States, caring for people with chronic and acute diseases. Although people speak different languages and may differ in culture, one thing remains constant: when you are sick there is often a feeling of powerlessness after a diagnosis. That is how GrowHealth4u was born.

After caring for her own family illness, Pat embraced her love for holistic healing and gardening and founded GrowHealth4u. She teaches people that growing their own food can significantly impact, in a positive way, their children's and friends’ health and well-being. Pat’s clients learn to take advantage of the local micro-climate, grow with nature, and enjoy the process. Through the different courses that GrowHealth4u offers, individuals can learn how to use homegrown “gold”, preserve it, cook it, and share it. Pat has a soft spot for rare medicinal plants that are available on a seasonal basis and believes strongly that you don’t need to wait until you buy a bigger home or garden to start reaping the benefits of homegrown wellness.

Jessica Quinn

Raising Sheep for High-Quality Wool

Jessica is a first-generation homesteader and a mama of 5 children. She began homesteading in 2013 after she graduated college with a degree in Livestock Management. She built a small homestead raising dairy goats, honeybees, pastured pigs, and growing produce in a one acre garden. That homestead has changed multiple times along with life changes like job transfers, babies being born, and the ending of a marriage.

She is now building a new homestead from scratch as a single mother. Her goal is to help other women build their own homesteads no matter where they live or what situation they find themselves in- married or single, first generation or fifth, lots of kids or no kids, on a farm or in an apartment.

Carly MacQuarrie

7 Ways To Maximize Space In Your Urban Garden

Carly MacQuarrie is a teacher, blogger, urban homesteader, and founder of The Little Green Shoot. With humor, grace, and good old-fashioned positivity, she will lead you through the process of creating your own urban oasis and productive garden, even in the city. With a passion for making things fun and easy, she will help you become more self-sufficient, saving you both money and trips to the grocery store.

Kylie Gettleman

Greenhouse Design Solutions

Kylie works for Ceres Greenhouse Solutions in project development and grow support, primarily focusing on residential greenhouse projects and small-scale vegetable operations. Before joining Ceres, Kylie spent the last 10 years working in agriculture at a wide range of scales in both California and Colorado. After completing a Certificate in Ecological Horticulture at the Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at UC Santa Cruz, Kylie worked as a farm manager on a 35-acre diverse vegetable organic farm, growing for market, CSA, and restaurant sales. Kylie then ran operations at a small landscaping company installing raised bed vegetable gardens and teaching new gardeners how to tend their crops. Moving into greenhouse work, Kylie then worked as a seedling grower and operations manager at a non-profit indoor farm, education center, and food access hub called The GrowHaus in Denver, CO.
Ceres Greenhouse Solutions designs energy efficient, passive solar greenhouses for both residential and commercial growers. At Ceres, Kylie helps design interior greenhouse layouts, offers growing support to greenhouse clients, and consults on vented greenhouse projects.


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